In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), you are hereby advised of the following legal aspects:

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Website owner: BASQUETRAVEL, S.L.

Contact Address: MAYOR KALEA, 18, SAN SEBASTIAN, 20003, GIPUZKOA (Spain)

Contact Email Address: administració

Tlf/Fax: 843 980 777

Company registration details: VOLUME 2439, BOOK 0, FOLIO: 93, SHEET SS-31691, ENTRY No. 1, IN THE REGISTER OF COMPANIES OF GUIPUZCOA.

Complaint Forms: Available at the company’s contact address.


1.- Preliminary Considerations The present terms and conditions govern the lawful permitted use of this website, URL: under the legal responsibility of BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. The present general terms and conditions govern the access to and use of the website made available free of charge to internet users by its owner. Access to the website entails the unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions. Requesting information or issuing an opinion entails full acceptance of the present terms and conditions. The business activity of BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. is the management of hotel accommodation, travel and restaurants.

2.- Use of the Website The User undertakes to make diligent, proper and lawful use of the website, its content and services. BASQUETRAVEL, S.L., may hold liable any users for any improper use of the website giving rise to damages to third parties, as well as for any computer software or viruses they might introduce, generate, or host in the website, impairing or with the potential to impair the content and the proper operation of the website, as well as the computer equipment, systems and software of other website users.

3.- Intellectual and Industrial Property All the texts, images of work carried out shown in the gallery, logos, distinctive marks, audios, animations, videos, source code and other content included in this website are the property of BASQUETRAVEL, S.L., or otherwise BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. holds the rights of use and exploitation over them. They therefore constitute works protected by the applicable intellectual and industrial property legislation.
The User undertakes to refrain from: deleting, bypassing or tampering with the copyright notice and any other identification data relating to ownership rights included in the Content, as well as the technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms included in the Content.

Any transmission, distribution, reproduction or storage, in full or in part, of the content sotred in thsi website, is strictly forbidden without the owner’s prior express consent, and the reproduction of any elements or content of this website for profit or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

4.- Conditions of Access BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without prior notice, changes and updates to the information featured on the Website, its configuration and layout, conditions of access, terms and conditions of contract, etc.
Consequently, the USER should access updated versions of this page.

The company responsible for this website does not warrant the absence of interruptions or errors in the access to the website or its content, nor that it is free from viruses or any other elements likely to give rise to alterations in its computer system, and BASQUETRAVEL, S.L.. declines any contractual or extra-contractual liability to any individual or company using the website and suffering any kind of damages caused by computer viruses or software elements of any kind.

The owner of this Website shall not be liable for any consequences or damages arising from any unauthorised use of the information featured on it, or arising from the services, views and advice featured on our website.

The hardware and software required to access the website shall be the User’s responsibility. BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. shall not be answerable for their improper operation or for the rights of use or licences required for their use.

5.- Liability for Links The company owning this Website declines any liability for the services and/or information provided on third-party websites accessed through links featured on this website, and exerts no control or supervision whatsoever over them when it includes a link to such websites in the belief that their content complies with the applicable legislation.

The use of links to other websites does not in any way entail any responsiblity for or appropriation of their content, and does not entail any supervision or approval whatsoever of the changes made to or the information featured on such websites.

We advise visitors to such third-party websites to exercise caution and review the legal terms and conditions featured on such websites. BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. shall not be answerable nor liable for any damages associated with the operation, availability or continuity of the third-party websites accessed via links featured on its own website.

6.- Content of the website: The language used by the website shall be Spanish; however, other official national or autonomous community languages may be used.

BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. shall not be liable for failure on the User’s part to understand or comprehend the Website language, or for the consequences of such failure. The content of this Website is intended to provide information about and make known the activities, products and services provided by BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. and is provided on a general and informative basis.

BASQUETRAVEL, S.L. may freely make changes to its website content without prior notice, and delete and change the location of such content within the website and the way of accessing it, without any justification, and shall not be liable for any consequences for users arising therefrom.

Users are forbidden from using the content of this website to promote, contract or disseminate their own or third-party advertising or information without prior consent by BASQUETRAVEL, S.L., nor sending advertisements or information using the services or information made available to website users, regardless of whether or not they are made available free of charge.

Any links or hyperlinks featured on third-party websites redirecting to this Website must allow access to the entire website, and shall not provide, whether directly or indirectly, any false, inaccurate or confusing indications, nor engage in improper or unlawful conduct against BASQUETRAVEL, S.L.

7.- Governing law and Jurisdiciton:

The present terms and conditions of use of this website shall be governed by the laws of Spain.

BASQUETRAVEL, S.L.. and the User acknowledge and agree that any litigation, discrepancy, controversy, coflict, issue or complaint arising from the interpretation, performance, execution, infringement, termination or annulment of the present terms and conditions of use shall be settled by the Courts and Tribunals of the judicial district of the city of Pontevedra (Spain) and the parties hereby expressly waive their right to any other jurisdiction, except in those cases where such waiver is not allowed by law.